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A couple more volunteers needed to help with the journal mailout this sunday...

Posted by Beccy Day 
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The WTMC will soon be sending out the journal and final FMC bulletin of the year. It's a little bit of work putting all the journals and bulletins into envelopes with address labels and return address stamps. I need 5 or so volunteers to help me with this job - I have 4 people in total so far including myself and Gareth.

I'm planning to do this work on Sunday 11th Dec from 17.30 onwards. If I get about 5 volunteers to help me it should only take about 2 hours. Hopefully it'll also be a bit of social, we will get pizza (sorry.... not paid for by the club, approx $10 each), and we can all bring a beer or two (as long as you don't spill it on the Journals).

If you would be happy to volunteer please email me at newsletter@wtmc.org.nz - it'd be great if I could get a couple more people.... the wonderful volunteers who make our club go are what makes WTMC so great!

The envelope stuffing will be at my house in Highbury (I'll email out directions).