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WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp is this Saturday!

Posted by Beccy Day 
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Beccy Day
WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp is this Saturday!
December 12, 2016 08:22PM
The WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp is this weekend! It's on Sat 17th Dec, and our intentions are below. We aren't doing a paper sign up sheet, please sign up using the google doc:
WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp Sign Up Doc
(or you can just turn up....but it's good to know roughly who to expect and when....)

Trip Intentions: WTMC Christmas beer tramp 17th December

2.30pm: Spring and Fern Tavern, Tinakori
3.15pm: Walk to The Kelburn Village pub
3.45pm: The Kelburn Village Pub
4:30pm: Walk to The Garage Project, Aro Valley
5:00pm: The Garage Project Bar, Aro Valley
5:45pm: Walk to The Third Eye
6:00pm: The Third Eye.
6:45pm: Walk to Goldings Dive Bar
7:00pm Onwards: Beer and Pizza at Goldings Dive Bar

You can join at any point along the tramp.
You do not need to bring any gear except money for beer and food. No emergency shelters, stoves, PLBs or first aid kits required (we hope!).

This trip is a cheerful Christmas social – the intention is to have a fun sociable time whilst enjoying some craft beers. We encourage moderate drinking, for example by drinking half pints, alternating soft and alcoholic drinks etc… !